At TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION, we focus on two things: aircraft parts and the people who need them. We are suppliers of materials such as standard hardware, raw and semi-finished metal products and materials, consumables, chemicals and composites to the aerospaceindustry, MROs and airlines. TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION is committed to carrying the most comprehensive inventory of aviation spares in the world, for owners and operators of all types of aircraft. From avionics and brakes to landing gear and windows, we efficiently deliver high-quality parts at low prices that keep our customers coming back.With global shipping capabilities, our staff serves with an expert understanding of aviation parts and the needs of our customers.


All maintenance materials - standard hardware, raw and semi-finished materials, plastic parts, metal products, consumables, chemicals and composites - from one source.

Independent due diligence of products to the satisfaction of the customer.

Experience in GSE / GHE manufacturing and distribution.

Customized products, cut to length, just as needed.

Avionics components and support availability.

Small quantity ordering.


TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION is committed to provide superior value-added service. Service means prompt response to customer inquiries, enhanced computerized inventory and data systems, 24-hour AOG service and timely delivery. Regional distribution centers provide a quick service for fastest material availability.
TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION is actively involved with customers in reducing costs by managingthe complete supply chain, thus reducing inventory, transaction costs and supplier base.A material planning and disposition service additionally mitigates the risk of overstocking and waste disposal. In addition to normal supply contracts.
TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION also provides services related to Ground Support Equipment Parts and Accessories. We're a dynamic young International company dedicated to servicing the needs of our customers. Our service and quality is unbeatable, with immediate response time, assistance with product identification, fast quotes and on-time shipping.
Additional services include USA Purchasing Agents for those overseas needing USA manufactured items. We will be happy to discuss your requirements. We can design a process that will streamline the steps required for you to get prices, specifications, drawings and quotes for items needed for product support or for manufacturing.
We already have export customers that are more than satisfied with our products and niche services. For those of you who require small quantities of products from various USA sources. We will be happy to discuss a plan to do weekly, by-weekly, monthly or scheduled releases for your operation. We’re also here to act as an extension of your existing purchasing department. We have the ability to work more efficiently with many USA suppliers and manufacturers.
As an extension of your operation we're also able to interact with your project leaders and/or engineers to procure the right parts for special needs as in product improvement, retrofit, prototypes and rework and/or to remanufacture your products or equipment. We are also available to help you with your facilities maintenance projects with PM supplies, repair parts, upgrades or consumable items.
We also have access to some of the best machine shops in our area. These shops are high quality, professional operations with state of the art technology and equipment. They are capable of small quantity to large quantity runs and items built to your drawings and specifications. We are here to offer you, the customer, the products you want, the services you need and the options you need and still offer them at competitive prices and consistent high quality.
Finally a company that understands your requests and projects and gets them done right the first time. Having over 20 years’ experience in the GSE Industry we know what it takes. From working the ramp, to customer service, inventory control, purchasing and management. We're here to help by understanding what it takes to keep your equipment up and running. With less equipment down waiting for parts, we're the only way to go. As we all know the more equipment you have up and running the more productive your operation is, thus giving you more satisfied customers.


DHT with Canopies

DHT Harness/Container and student harness, complete with all components, Master or Patronus Reserve, SET-366 or SET-400 or T-364 and Drogue. - Complete assembly without AAD

DHT with Reserve

DHT Harness/Container and student harness, Master or Patronus Reserve, main risers & Drogue. - complete assembly without AAD & Main Canopy

DHT Harness/Container Assembly

DHT Harness/Container and student harness, complete with all components, no risers, no canopies and no drogue


For airborne operations the SET-10 and SET-10XL are steerable round canopies designed to put operators safely on the ground from lower altitudes.


When there is a need for work in close proximity to an open airplane door, safety is the most important thing. The AirCrew Emergency System is a self-contained system featuring a tether as well as a parachute back-up should operator be ejected from the plane.

MTTB w/ Load Assisted Release System (LARS)

The Military Tandem Tethered Bundle< with Load Assisted Release System (MTTB-LARS Gen 5) System used by governments around the world, is a parachute cargo delivery system that allows one parachutist to deliver a payload of between up to 400 pounds.


GUIDED CARGO: The UltraFly System is designed to carry small loads from 250 lbs to 700 lbs using a collapsible cone drogue for extended drogue fall, pre-programmed or timed main parachute opening with GPS aided navigation guiding the system to the target area where it flares to a soft precise landing.

Hope Canopies

UNGUIDED CARGO: The Hope Series of unguided cargo canopies are low-cost, disposable canopies that are to be used only once or recovered for multiple uses. These range in size from 6 in. diameter canopies for weather systems, to 10 ft. diameter canopies that can carry loads up to 500 lbs.

Para-Cushion AcroPro

The AcroPro is designed with Aerobatic pilots in mind. At just 14 lbs., this lightweight, thin, and comfortable pack supports the pilot during high G maneuvers while maintaining comfort and safety.

Para-Cushion 303 Big Mo

The Model 303 Back is recommended for use in airplanes where head room is at a minimum and moving forward in the cockpit is not a problem such as: ASW-27, PW-5, Cap-10, Zlin 50, and Christen Eagle.

Para-Cushion 311

The Model 311 Wedge is designed to be used in airplanes where headroom is at a minimum and the backrest is at a straight upright angle with the seat bottom. This unique configuration allows for maximum comfort for the pilot by using the shape of the parachute system to put you in a slightly reclined position.

Para-Cushion 307

The Model 307 Back is built specifically for the Sukhoi SU-26 and no other aircraft. The Sukhoi SU-26 has a hole in the back of the seat 12" x 16", and the 307 has the container mounted in the middle of the back to fit precisely into that slot. It works perfect!

Aerospatiale British Aerospace
Embraer Grumman
McDonnell Douglas Piper
Beechcraft Bell
Cessna Convair
Enstrom Fairchild
Hughes Lear Jet
Mitsubishi Mooney
Rockwell Sikorsky
Aero Engines
General Electric
Rolls Royce
Aviation Materials and Chemicals

TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION provides its customers with full range of alloy materials and requisite chemicals conforming to the aviation standards. The material provisioning is as per the required material specification of the customer.

Apart from the standard sizes, the raw material can also be ordered as customized dimensions. The material can be resized to customer requirements in aerospace standard certified affiliated machine shops.

Alloy Sheets Aerospace Chemicals
Alloy Pipes Adhesive
Alloy Rods Sealants
Alloy Bars Paints
Aerospace Standard Hardware Spares

TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION is a well-known global distributor of standard hardware materials to aerospace manufacturers, maintenance centers, airlines and high-tech industries.

Ball Cam Followers Flanged Journal
Miniatures illow-Blocks Retaining Rings Rod-Ends
Rollers Sleeve Retaining Rings Tapered
Thrust Adaptors Ball Ends Barrels
Bolts Boots Brackets Bushings
Cables Caps Catches Chains
Clamps Clevis Clips Collars
Cotter Pins Couplings Eyelets Flanges
Gaskets Grommets Guards Hinges
Holders Hooks Inserts Jumpers
Keys Knobs Latches Locknuts
Lock Rings Locks Lock Wire Nuts
Pins O-Rings Gang-Channel Packings
Plugs Protective Caps Protective Closures Pulleys
Receptacles Retaining Pins Rings Rivets
Scrapers Screws Seals Shackles
Shafts Sleeves Slings Snaps
Snapslides Spacers Splicers Springs
Straps Studs Terminals Thimbles
Tubings Turnbuckles Universal Joints Washers
Wire Cables      
Aerospace GHE / GSE

TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION currently provides customers with a wide variety of standard / custom made Ground support / handling equipment for smooth conduct of daily operations.

TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION strives to fulfill the tools/testers requirement of the aviation industry by providing quality tools of some of the most renowned tools manufacturing companies.

Apart from the standard tools, TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION also deals in special tools from a wide variety of vendors for process specific requirements of the customers, moreover special tools can also be manufactured from certified companies to meet the requirements provided by the customers.

The GHE / GSEproducts being offered are   

Crimp/Wring Tools
Insertion Tools
Maintenance Tools
Power Tools
Removal Tools
Test Stands
Special Tools
Aerospace Avionics / Electrical Parts

TECHNOLOGY INCUBATION currently supplies a wide range of avionics and electrical equipment to meet the customer requirements.

There is a huge database available of these components to meet the customer requirements. From small bits and pieces like fuses and capacitors to complete LRUs can be made available as per customer requirements. Wide range of products in this category are appended below.

Actuators Blocks Couplers
Boards Splicers Diodes
Chokes Resistors Fuses
Clamps Probes Insulators
Controllers Pilot Tubes Jumpers
Crystals Motors Lights
Filters Lamps Oscillators
Heat Sinks Jacks Plugs
Invertors Inductors Receptacles
Lampholders Fuse Holders Semi-Cond
Microcircuits Dials Sockets
Panels Convertors Thermocples
Power Supplies Coils Transistors
Relays Circuit Boards Wire
Sheilding Buss-Bars Batteries
Terminals Amplifiers Capacitors
Timers Antennas Circuit Breakers
Tubes Cables Contacts
Waveguides Wrap/Ties Cover
Transformers Connectors Discharges
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